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Tutoring Services

Many programs and departments in the College offer tutoring services to students. Information on the major tutoring programs is provided below. Students should ask their instructors or academic advisors about other services.

Biology Resource Center

The Biology Resource Center, located in the Marshak Science building room 502, is a drop-in facility designed to allow students to supplement classroom and laboratory instruction individually or with study-groups. Computers offering access to the internet and software packages featuring practice problems, self-tests, models and slides are available for student use, as well as hardcopy textbooks.

Math Physics Tutoring Center

The Math Physics Tutoring Center, located in MR-418S, is staffed by tutors who are advanced undergraduate and recent graduate students. Drop-in tutoring services are available for Physics PHYS 20300, PHYS 20400, PHYS 20700 and PHYS 20800 and MATH 19000, MATH 19500, MATH 20100, MATH 20200, MATH 20300, MATH 20500, MATH 20900, and all 300 level courses.

City College Academy for Professional Preparation (CCAPP) Tutoring

CCAPP offers tutoring in the following courses: BIO 10100, BIO 10200, BIO 20600, BIO 20700, BIO 22900, CHEM 10301, CHEM 10401, CHEM 26100, and CHEM 26300.  Workshops for additional courses are offered based on student demand. Tutoring takes place in the CCAPP Student Center, MR-1005.

Language Tutoring

The Department of Classical and Modern Languages (CMLL) and Literatures offers free tutoring to any student enrolled in courses who needs additional help. Tutors are advanced students who have been recommended by the faculty and who have been tested by our department. Tutoring takes place in our department  on a regular basis. The schedule is posted outside the department office, NA 5/223. For information call Mrs. Nancy Gutierrez or Ms. Rosa Mártinez 212.650.6731.

CMLL also houses the French and Spanish Writing Center, which is a free service intended to help all students taking any French or Spanish course with their writing in the target languages. For information, contact Prof. Regina Castro-McGowan 212.650.6731.

The Writing Center at The Samuel Rudin Academic Resource Center

The City College Writing Center offers one-on-one assistance for students working on writing assignments and projects from any discipline. Visit us whenever you need someone to listen to your ideas, discuss your topics or assignments, and read your drafts. Writing consultants will work with you in person on planning, drafting, and revising — all of the important steps in your writing process.