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Welcome to The City College of New York!

You have embarked upon an incredible journey at a remarkable moment in our nation’s history.  For over 175 years, the City College of New York has provided its students with an excellent education, preparing them for success in a broad range of careers and endeavors.  Our years of hardship during the COVID-19 pandemic, however, have reinforced another aspect of our mission: while we work to educate students individually, the impact we make on the world is a collective one.  CCNY, from its very inception, was based on the proposition that we would never be as strong, democratic or dynamic as we need to be unless we could sustain a community that was capable of asking and pursuing answers to questions that are often ignored in the halls of power, questions that emanate from the experiences and perspectives of those too often underserved in our society. Our city, and our national and global societies, need the vision and talent that each of you possess and we’re dedicated to developing those assets under whatever circumstances we will confront together.

At CCNY you will be taught by internationally renowned and accomplished faculty in diverse fields, ranging from science, engineering, and architecture to humanities and the arts, education, and social sciences. We have state of the art laboratories for scientists and engineers, studios in which artists and musicians can hone their craft, and a new medical school that focuses on training a new generation of doctors to address healthcare disparities across the nation. Our social science classrooms are dedicated to the development of new leaders in the public sphere, while our humanities departments work to preserve our culture and promote broader human understanding.

Part of our responsibility as educators and advisors is to awaken your curiosity, expand your knowledge, strengthen your skills, provide leadership and engagement opportunities, and prepare you for careers that will help you change the world for the better. This is our obligation and our privilege. Under the particular circumstances of the moment, we are working to provide these services and supports in both in-person and on-line formats, to give you as much flexibility and security as possible.

To enhance your experience at CCNY, please use this Bulletin to familiarize yourself with our undergraduate majors and areas of specialization. Our rich curriculum offers opportunities to not only chart your own career path, but to explore areas of interest across the fields of science, technology, social justice and the arts. College life outside of the classroom is just as varied and diverse as our student body.

Use our valuable resources to maximize your City Experience. From innovation and entrepreneurship to cutting-edge research, scholarship and creativity, a City College education is a vital force for progress in the lives of our students and in our communities.

I look forward to seeing you on the City College campus.


Vince Boudreau, President