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Registration and Advisement


All Architecture students must see an academic advisor before registration. At these times, advisors will consult on matters of registration, program, credits, academic standing, or personal problems related to the student’s professional career.

Program Planning Procedures

Entering freshmen are advised by an advisor in the School of Architecture. At the advisement session, they prepare a program for the coming semester. The approval of an advisor is required for any change in an approved curricular program.

Most courses offered by the School are part of a sequence. Since every course in this Bulletin is not offered every semester, students should be careful to plan programs that can be completed in the required number of semesters.

Depending on prior coursework and or math placement, a student may be required to complete the prerequisite sequence Math 19000 to Math 19500.

Most courses offered by the School have prerequisites, which are listed immediately after the course descriptions. The prerequisites must be successfully completed before the course that requires them can be taken.

Students may not register for two sequential courses simultaneously in Architectural Studio, History/Theory, or Construction Technology, unless they have been granted permission by an Academic Advisor in consultation with course faculty.

If the student wishes to drop a course that is a corequisite of another course, both must be dropped.

During Phase 1, students with an overall average of 2.33 and a 2.33 in professional courses and a successful portfolio review are permitted to proceed from second year to third year. During Phase 2, all students are required to submit an acceptable portfolio at the beginning of the second semester of fourth year.

Students who have earned a B average in the preceding term, and who have no grade below a C in any subject studied that term, may be permitted to take more than 17 credits.

Students are expected to attend the School full-time and carry a minimum of 12 credits.

Students are responsible for seeing that they complete all requirements necessary for graduation. Students are also responsible for informing the Office of the Registrar if at any time they have reason to believe their records are incorrect.

Students who suspend their studies must apply for re-entry.