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Academic Appeals

The faculty of each of the Schools defines the degree requirements, academic standards, and rules, and in general has jurisdiction over all of the courses offered by that School. (For more information, please see the Academic Standards section of this Bulletin). Each of the Schools has a Committee on Course and Standing charged with oversight and enforcement of these matters and dealing with special cases and appeals. Students have the right to appeal to the appropriate Committee on Course and Standing any decision made by individual faculty members or administrators about these academic matters. Students must consult with their academic advisor for the appropriate appeals procedure. The Committee on Course and Standing is the final authority on enforcement of curriculum, degree requirements, academic standards, grades and academic rules.

Grade Appeals

Students who wish to dispute their final grades in a course must first contact the instructor who will provide a breakdown of the calculation of the grade in writing. If the student is still not satisfied, he or she can appeal to the Chair of the department and must provide a copy of the instructor’s response in their appeal. If the student is still not satisfied, they can then appeal to the Dean for their ruling. Finally, if the student is still not satisfied, then they can appeal to the appropriate Committee on Course and Standing. Copies of all of the previous rulings must be included in the appeal. Students should be aware that the Committee will not regrade their work, but at most will offer the student a W grade for the course if the appeal is approved.

Academic Dismissal Appeals

Students who have been dismissed from City College after the Fall or Spring semester are notified by the City College Registrar by email. This notification includes a deadline for appeals of this decision.

Students who are being dismissed for the first time may appeal the dismissal directly to the principal advisor  in the Divisions of Science and Humanities and Arts, the Colin Powell School or the Center for Worker Education, as appropriate. Students who have previously been reinstated must appeal to the Office of Academic Standards.

Students in the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education, the School or Education, the Grove School of Engineering and the Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture may appeal to their school’s Committee on Course and Standing.

CCNY Contacts for Academic Standards Information by School/Division

You may see the following advisors for information on how to appeal dismissal. Please contact only your division/school/program. Others will not be able to help you.


Mr. Arnaldo Melendez
Admissions and Academic Advisor

Spitzer School of Architecture Room 132
(212) 650-7307


Jason Chapell
Advisor/Admissions Coordinator, Dean of InterDisc Studies

Phone - 2129256625 / Ext. 236 Fax - 2129250963
Location - 25 BROADWAY


Dean Kevin Foster
NAC Room 6/141
(212) 650-6201

Mr. Garri Rivkin
Program Director, Academic Support

Shepard Hall Room 548
(212) 650-5848


Ms. Stacia Pusey
Assistant Dean SOE Enrollment & Student Services

NAC Room223A
(212) 650-5345


Mr. Rawlins Beharry
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Affairs

Steinman Hall Room 2M-7 
(212) 650-8040


Ms. Melissa Oden
Director of Undergraduate Student Advising

NAC Room 5/225
(212) 650-7379


Dr. Millicent Roth, Professor
Deputy Dean of Science for Undergraduates

Marshak Room 108
(212) 650-6768


Dr. Dani McBeth
Associate Medical Professor and Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Harris Hall Room 113
(212) 650-7727 / 8485


New Student Experience Center (NSEC)
Marshak Hall
Room 053
(212) 650-8290


Gateway Academic Center
North Academic Center
Room 1/220
(212) 650-6115