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The CUNY School of Medicine

Maurizio Trevisan, Dean • HR Suite 107 • Tel: 212-650-5275

Programs and Objectives

The CUNY School of Medicine (CSOM) is built on the legacy of the Sophie Davis Biomedical Education Program which began in 1973. Recently, the New York State Department of Education authorized the City College of New York to grant the MD degree making CSOM the only public medical school in the CUNY System. Its mission remains to serve the under-served and to address the national shortage of primary care physicians in this country. There is an urgent need for more family practitioners, general internists, pediatricians and obstetrician/gynecologists and physician assistants in many communities.The shortage of African-American, His-panic, and others underrepresented medical professionals in inner city areas is particularly acute.

The CSOM offers one of the most unique physician training programs in the nation. It recruits more underrepresented populations into medicine, increases medical services in under-served areas, and increases the availability of primary care physicians and physician assistants. 

Additional information on the CUNY School of Medicine’s mission, vision, policies, program curricula and more, can be found on the school’s web-site at