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Liberal Arts Major Requirements

New York State requires that individuals seeking childhood and adolescent teacher certification have completed a liberal arts major in addition to their preparation in education. For those who wish to teach in secondary schools, this is a major in the teaching area. Those wishing to teach in the elementary school may complete a traditional liberal arts major (Art, economics, English, history, music, political science, psychology, sociology, Spanish) or they may complete a special interdisciplinary major designed specifically for those preparing to be elementary teachers. There are nine interdisciplinary concentration areas: biology, earth science, chemistry, mathematics, elementary mathematics, theater and its cultural context, art and its cultural context, language and literature, and social studies. Those preparing to be elementary school teachers should consult with an advisor to select an appropriate liberal arts major.

Additional Requirements

  1. Professional development seminars in child abuse identification, school violence prevention and Dignity for All Students (DASA) training (EDUC 41900).