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Medical Examination

The nature of a teacher’s work requires especially good health. Therefore, all candidates students must arrange to have a medical examination prior to fieldwork and student teaching placements; also, they must inform the School of Education of any significant or possibly disabling illness as soon as they become aware of it.

A person with physical conditions which are likely to lead to frequent absences, or who might be unable to cope with emergency situations in a school, will only be admitted when given a clearance by the New York City Public Schools Medical Examiner.

All candidates are required to have a tuberculin skin test. The forms for the test results are available in the Wellness and Counseling Center (MR 15). Candidates must make their own arrangements for the tuberculin test. They may be examined by their own private physician, by a physician on the staff of a hospital, or at the City College Wellness and Counseling Center. The completed form should then be brought to the Office of Clinical Practice, where the candidate will be given a copy if needed.