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Pass/No Credit Option

Students in the professional schools, except for the School of Education, may not take courses on a pass/no credit basis, even if the courses are being taken as free electives. Students in the College of Liberal Arts and Science and in the School of Education may take certain courses on a pass/no credit basis, subject to the following restrictions:

  1. The student may only elect up to twelve (12) credits of Pass/NC Courses (in addition to courses officially graded as Pass/NC).

  2. The student must have completed at least 28 credits.

  3. A student may take only one course per semester on a Pass/No Credit basis.

  4. Required courses in the academic plan (major) and minor may not be taken for Pass/No Credit.  Courses in the Pathways English composition I and II cannot be taken for Pass/No Credit.

  5. The deadline for students to apply for P/NC option is listed in the academic calendar, which can be found at the following link:

*Eligibility for some financial aid grants may be affected by use of "P/NC" grades. Students are responsible for checking if this applies to them before the Pass/No Credit option is taken.