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Drop/Withdrawal from Courses

During the Change of Program period which is the first week of classes, students may make program changes. Students are now able to drop a course online until the last day of the term (this will be a withdrawal from the course).  The student can drop the course(s) online until the end of the third week of classes. There will be a transaction fee applied if a student adds or drops  the course(s) once the semester begins; please refer to for fee information. Refer to the academic calendar posted on the College’s website ( for pertinent dates. The Add/Drop form is only required when special permission is required.  The form must be signed by an academic advisor and returned to the Registrar’s Office.  

After the Change of Program period, and prior to the tenth week of classes, students may officially drop courses using CUNY First. Some divisions require that students obtain advisement before dropping a course. A grade of "WN" is assigned by the Instructor to students who never attended and did not officially withdraw. Students should be aware that dropping a course may affect their financial aid. All students receiving aid should consult with the Financial Aid office before dropping. The grade of "W" is assigned only when the student has officially withdrawn from the course.

Note: A student who withdraws from 12 credits or more within two academic years may be placed on academic warning; a student who drops 18 or more credits will be subject to dismissal. Dropping courses may cause a student to become ineligible for financial aid.