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Admission Requirements for Student Teaching

To be admitted to student teaching, candidates must have:

  1. A completed application submitted to the Office of Clinical Practice, Fieldwork & Student Teaching

  2. A recommendation from their program advisor

  3. Completed a successful interview with the Director of Clinical Practice, Fieldwork & Student Teaching (for programs that require such an interview)

  4. Completed all liberal arts requirements, CLAS major and requisite education courses, with grades of "C" or higher

  5. Maintained the required GPA of 2.5 or higher for childhood education and bilingual childhood education and 2.7 or higher for secondary education

  6. Shown satisfactory results from the tuberculin (TB) test

  7. Completed 100 hours of field experiences

  8. Submitted and passed one NYSTCE test (Education All Students [EAS] or Content Specialty Test [CST]).*

  9. Declared a major or secondary education concentration.

Candidates who are admitted into student teaching but do not successfully complete the experience must reapply and successfully complete all admissions procedures.

Appeals may be made to the Committee on Course and Standing.

*Candidates in Secondary Mathematics and Secondary Science must pass the CST.