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Student Health Services

Student Health Services (SHS) is committed to the delivery of quality care to the student population in order to promote, improve and advance the health, well being and overall success of college students as directed by the guidelines of the American College Health Association (ACHA).
Clinical services provided by a full time and part time Registered Nurse. These services are free and confidential to all currently enrolled CCNY students. Medical services include immunizations such as MMR, Hepatitis B, Tdap (Tetanus) and seasonal Influenza, PPD/Tuberculin testing, Health Education and First Aid.  SHS arranges for free on-site HIV Testing and health insurance navigators as part of the Affordable Care Act for information and enrollment to various health insurance plans. SHS provides continuity of care with referrals to community based organizations.  SHS has also joined the National Campaign for the Prevention of Teen and Unwanted Pregnancy along with other CUNY campuses and is committed to comply with the Campus Sexual Health Initiative by providing students with the education, tools and resources available.

Immunization Requirements:

New York State Public Health Law (PHL) 2165 (1b and Title 10 New York Codes, Rules and Regulations Subpart 66-2 (10 NYCRR Subpart 66-2) mandates that all incoming students, whether full time or part time, born on or after December 31, 1956, must be immunized against measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) and requires proof of immunity as a requirement for attendance. City College reserves the right to prevent the registration of any applicant who fails to provide a record of immunization or who, otherwise, provides a health risk to the College community.

New York State passed Public Health Law 2167, addressing meningococcal meningitis. In compliance with PHL 2167, all New York State students, regardless of how many credits they take in college, must fill out a Meningococcal Meningitis Response form. Students may download both forms from the Student Health Services website:

Student Health Services is located in the Marshak Building, Room J-15 and can be reached at 212-650-8222.