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The Office of Community Standards

Academic communities exist to facilitate the process of acquiring and exchanging knowledge and understanding, to enhance the personal and intellectual development of its members, and to advance the interests of society. In order to realize its purpose, the College and its members must be free from personal injury or harm; bias or harassment; intimidation or coercion; damage or loss of property; disruption of educational and social activities; unreasonable interference with the exchange of concepts and ideas; and unreasonable interference with the administrative and sup-porting services offered by the College.  Accordingly, all student members of the college community are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrates mutual respect for the rights and personal/academic well-being of others, preserves the integrity of the social and academic environment, and supports the mission of the college.  The Office of Community Standards’ chief responsibility is to educate students of their role in maintaining this learning environment and to address behavior that impedes, obstructs, or threatens the maintenance of order and attainment of the aforementioned goals by violating the standards of conduct set forth in the college and University student conduct policies. The Office of Community Standards is also responsible for investigating alleged violations of the institutional rules on student conduct and for the coordination and implementation of the conduct process.

For more information about the Office of Community Standards, the CCNY Rules for Student Conduct and the Student Conduct Process you may visit the City College web site at or contact the Office of Community Standards at 212-650-5009 and and/or