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The goal of the academic advising process is to help students develop meaningful educational plans that are consistent with their academic, personal and professional goals.

Engineering majors with 0-44 credits receive academic advising from professional staff affiliated with the Office of Undergraduate Studies and the academic department. An academic advising session must be scheduled at least once per semester with a staff advisor (general advisor) from this office (ST 209, 212-650-8020).


Biomedical Engineering - Phillip Payton (ST 403; 212-650-5283)

Chemical Engineering – Nick Cromie (ST 321; 212-650-5748)

Civil Engineering – Luis Alicea (ST 211; 212-650-8385)

Computer Engineering – Sam Fenster (ST 617; 212-650-6594)

Computer Science – Gulam Mustafa/Crystal Sawyer (ST 2M7/NAC 8/206; 212-650-8040/6137)

Earth System Science and Environmental Engineering – Liubov Kreminska (ST 421; 212-650-8299)

Electrical Engineering – Edward Baurin (ST 626; 212-650-8902)

Mechanical Engineering – Deborah Moore (ST 212; 212-650-8028)

Engineering majors who have earned 45 or more credits receive academic advising that must be scheduled at least once per semester with a faculty advisor from the department. To find the name of a faculty advisor, students should consult the list posted in the office of the department chair (e.g., CE, ChE, BME). Staff (general) advisors for each program assist students throughout the year in all other administrative procedures such as help with registration and academic difficulties, Pathways General Education requirements and academic/School policies. 

Each semester, an engineering advisement hold is placed on the student’s record until the student has completed the required advising session. Students will then be permitted to register.