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Repeating Courses

Students may not repeat a course they have already passed unless that course has been designated as repeatable in this Bulletin. In instances in which a course is repeated, the repeated course does not confer additional credit, and the average of the two passing grades is included in the G.P.A. calculation. This limitation applies to courses taken at City College, courses taken at other colleges for credits that are transferred into CCNY, and to courses for which credit is granted by exemption, examination or advanced placement examination. Courses designated as repeatable may confer additional credit, up to the maximum number of allowable credits, as stated in this Bulletin. Students are ultimately responsible for determining if the coursework they select is a repeat of prior coursework.

Students who do not successfully complete a course (grades of W, WU, F, FIN) may re-enroll for the course only ONCE without seeking advice from an Advisor. The absolute maximum number of times that a student may enroll in the same course is three. If the course is required for their major and If they do not pass after three tries, they must change majors or leave the College. The Committees of Course and Standing will rule on appeals to this policy.