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The J. Max Bond Center is founded on the legacy of architect and former Dean J. Max Bond, Jr. (1935-2009) and the City College Architecture Center (CCAC), which operated in the 1980s and 1990s as an influential pro bono architecture and planning service for underserved communities throughout New York City.

To architect J. Max Bond, Jr. (1935-2009), social equity was a core value, as was design integrity. Founded in 2011 and through 2015 The J. Max Bond Center for the Just City at CCNY advanced Max’s vision through collaborative faculty research projects, urban design advocacy and projects, leadership development, and educational programs at its home within the Spitzer School of Architecture.

The center was re-established and renamed The J. Max Bond Center for Urban Futures in 2018. The Center honors its past with its mission to advance our collective urban futures toward greater social equity and cultural cohesion. Our methodology and belief is that social impact and innovation are both achievable and actionable through applied research and design.

The center offers research opportunities for students including independent study for credit.