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Accelerated Master's Degrees

Accelerated master’s degrees offer eligible undergraduate students the opportunity to earn a master’s and a bachelor’s degree in fewer semesters. There are two types of accelerated master’s programs: combined bachelor’s/master’s degrees and 4+1 options.

In a combined degree, a student completes all requirements for both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree while still an undergraduate, and earns both degrees upon graduation.

In a 4+1 option, a student may take graduate courses while an undergraduate. After graduating with the bachelor’s, the student may apply a determined number of graduate credits taken while an undergraduate toward a master’s degree, shortening the time to completion of the master’s by as much as one semester. A student in a 4+1 option may be accepted to the graduate program before finishing the bachelor’s degree.

Through CUNY’s policy of double counting graduate credits within an Accelerated Master’s Option, qualified students may complete both the Master’s and the Bachelor’s (BA or BS) degrees in Mathematics in fewer semesters. Interested students should contact one of the graduate advisors: Prof. Pat Hooper, 212-650-5149, and Prof. Christian Wolf, 212-650-5118,

Programs include:

Biochemistry, MS
Biology, BS/MS
Biotechnology, MS (Biology)
Chemistry, BS/MS
Economics, BA/MA
History, BA/MA
Mathematics, MS
Psychology, BA/MA
Study of the Americas, MA 

New programs are being added. If you are interested in an accelerated master’s degree that is not on this list, please contact the department office or email

“5+1” B Arch – MUP Urban Design Accelerated Master’s Degree

The Spitzer School of Architecture offers a 5+1 Accelerated Master’s Degree that results in conferral of the Bachelor of Architecture degree after five years followed by the awarding of the Master of Urban Planning in Urban Design degree after the sixth year. Undergraduate students accepted to the B Arch – MUPUD Accelerated Degree Program will enroll in 18 credits of MUPUD graduate courses in their final year. Without this accelerated option, the MUPUD program would take three semesters or 50 percent longer.

B Arch students demonstrate special potential to contribute to Urban Design, as the B Arch program strongly emphasizes the study and analysis of cities in its history, theory, and design courses. The MUPUD program -- centered on the premise that only a combination of leadership, technical, and design skills will lead to meaningful change in the way we think, plan, and construct our built environments--  is a natural extension of this focus on urban design.

Declared B Arch majors who are in their fourth year of design studio are eligible to apply to this program. Interested students should discuss with their academic advisor.