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Accelerated Master's Degrees

Accelerated master’s degrees offer eligible undergraduate students the opportunity to earn a master’s and a bachelor’s degree in fewer semesters. There are two types of accelerated master’s programs: combined bachelor’s/master’s degrees and 4+1 options.

In a combined degree, a student completes all requirements for both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree while still an undergraduate, and earns both degrees upon graduation.

In a 4+1 option, a student may take graduate courses while an undergraduate. After graduating with the bachelor’s, the student may apply a determined number of graduate credits taken while an undergraduate toward a master’s degree, shortening the time to completion of the master’s by as much as one semester. A student in a 4+1 option may be accepted to the graduate program before finishing the bachelor’s degree.

Programs include:

Biochemistry, MS
Biomedical Engineering BE(BME)/MS(BME)
Biology, BS/MS
Biotechnology, MS (Biology)
Chemistry, BS/MS
Computer Engineering BE(CpE)/MS(CpE)
Computer Science BS(CSc)/MS(CSc)
Cyber Security BE(EE)/MS(Cyb), BE(CpE)/MS(Cyb), BS(CSc)/MS(Cyb)
Economics, BA/MA
Electrical Engineering BE(EE)/ME(EE)
History, BA/MA
Mathematics, MS
Mechanical Engineering BE(ME)/ME(ME)
Psychology, BA/MA
Study of the Americas, MA 
Urban Design MUP (5+1)

New programs are being added. If you are interested in an accelerated master’s degree that is not on this list, please contact the department office or email