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Academic Standards

Students are expected to maintain minimum G.P.A. requirements both overall and in major courses; not to withdraw from twelve credits during any two consecutive academic years; and pass all required courses in sequence. All new students-whether or not they are Math-proficient-are required to take the CUNY Assessment Test in Mathematics (Math 3). Test results will be used to place student in the appropriate Mathematics course. ESL and SEEK students should consult with their advisors regarding compliance with these requirements.

Academic Warning, Probation and Dismissal

Students who fail to meet the College’s academic standards listed below are placed on probation, a warning that unless academic performance improves the student will be subject to dismissal. A student is placed on academic probation when he or she fails to achieve the required standards whether or not notification has been received from the College. Students must make satisfactory progress toward the degree. They should be aware that poor academic performance threatens their financial aid and scholarship eligibility. During this probationary period, students who make satisfactory academic progress will continue to maintain their academic standing in the College but may lose their eligibility for financial aid.

Total Credits Attempted

Minimum Cumulative G.P.A.





25 and over


Academic standards are enforced by each School’s Committee on Course and Standing, which acts through a dean or director. The Committee may restrict the number of courses for which a student can register, require that a student take certain courses, or prohibit a student from taking certain courses.

Students who have been placed on probation will not be permitted to participate in intercollegiate athletics; serve as officers of student government; serve as editor of a student newspaper; serve as manager, producer or editor of a student radio or TV facility; or take part (in a principal role) in a College-sponsored theater, dance, music or film production unless doing so as part of a specific College course.

Students who fail to achieve the above academic averages while on probation will be dismissed from the College.

The professional schools may have additional or modified academic standards; students enrolled in the professional schools are advised to consult their advisors and appropriate sections of this Bulletin.


Students may appeal an academic warning, probation or dismissal decisions by writing to the Committee on Course and Standing of the School in which they are enrolled. Please see the Academic Appeals page for more information.

ESL Dismissal

CUNY policy stipulates that all senior college students may not repeat an ESL course more than once after September 1996. ESL students have four (4) semesters to pass the CUNY reading and writing proficiency tests.