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Goal Statement

The goals of the Grove School of Engineering are to:

  1. Attract and maintain a world class faculty devoted to the synergistic activities of teaching and research;

  2. Increase the competitive position of the school for attracting high achieving students;

  3. Educate students to achieve the outcomes set forth by each program;

  4. Continuously enhance the quality and technological relevance of graduate education and research programs;

  5. Implement appropriate instructional delivery and support systems that facilitate access by a highly diverse student body;

  6. Encourage multi-disciplinary approaches to both teaching and research in keeping with current technological progress in today’s world;

  7. Develop partnerships with industry, government, and other external organizations that will enhance the School’s educational and research activities;

  8. Attract the external resources necessary to support cutting-edge research;

  9. Assist in the preparation of K-14 students for further education in engineering and computer science; and

  10. Provide continuing education, technological expertise and public service to the engineering and computer science professions, the local community, and the state and city governments.