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Cooperative Education Plans in Engineering

Grove students are assisted with their professional development throughout their undergraduate studies and they can apply for competitive cooperative education positions including co-ops and summer internships. Assignment locations are not only in the New York metropolitan area, but throughout the nation. Students who participate in cooperative education can expect to benefit by the experience in many ways, among the more important of which are:

  • Learning to put theory into practice.

  • Earning financial support for college.

  • Increasing motivation and stimulation to continue academic studies.

  • Growing in maturity, practicality, and responsibility.

  • Greatly enhancing job opportunities upon graduation.

In general, to participate in cooperative education the student must have completed at least 30 credits towards the degree and meet the required academic standards as stipulated by the cooperative education employer. It is important to note the following:

  • No academic credits are given for cooperative education work experience; and participation in cooperative education normally extends the time needed to complete the degree requirements.

  • Work periods are not just during the summers, although the summer may be included in a fall or spring work assignment.

Grove students have participated in cooperative education assignments with employers that have included governmental agencies such as Brookhaven National Laboratory and NASA, as well as large private corporations such as Merck, IBM, Toyota, Boeing, and GE. Students interested in cooperative education should consult with the Office of Undergraduate Studies in the Grove School of Engineering.